Project 3 Precedents

Inspired Architecture: Building Light

Wise Architecture: Y House

Inspired Architecture: Building Light

HL Architecture: Pavilion for an Artist

Inspired Architecture: Building Light

Steven Holl Architects: Nanjing Sifang Art Museum

Inspired Architecture: Building Light

Arquitecturia: Museum of Energy

Inspired Architecture: Building Light

Laban Dance Hall

The curving facades are clad in transparent or translucent glass panels, depending
on whether the spaces behind them require a view.  
Lime, turquoise and magenta, semi-translucent polycarbonate panels, punctuated by large clear windows, are mounted in front of the glass panels, giving the building a pale magical glow.

Colors determine the rhythm and orientation both inside and outside the building.

The shadow images of the dancers play an active part of Laban’s architectural
identity. By day, the regular activities of Laban, training, rehearsals, research and workshops, are semi-visible through the walls from the outside. By night, Laban acts as a coloured lantern or beacon, radiating light out onto the surrounding area and along Deptford Creek.

Inspired Architecture: Building Light

Studio MK27: Decameron

Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City extension: BLOCH building

Steven Holl’s Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre at St Bart’s hospital

Steven Holl’s Maggie’s centre

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